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With over 20 years experience both working with the public and private sector we provide solutions for anti-social behaviour, community safety, crime prevention and security.


For example: 


·      Crime prevention solutions by designing and managing out crime.

·      Research, Benchmarking and Evaluation leading to better understanding, measurement and improved performance.

·      Engaging with communities, especially young people, delivering restorative solutions

·      Advice and guidance in the areas of radical and extremists threats and counter terrorism

·      Setting up and managing Community Safety Accreditation Schemes

·      Tailored training packages to maximise client capability to deal with criminal activity.

We provide a comprehensive consultancy service based on a proven track record. Our specialities include:


·       Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED)

·       Community Safety engagement, consultation and interventions

·       Working with young people

·       Restorative Justice delivery and training

·       Crime Auditing

·       Cutting-edge evidence based research into all aspects of crime & disorder

·       Management decision/Risk assessment tools

·       Evaluation of crime and security implications and impacts

·       Benchmarking indices, performance indicator identification and provision

·       Strategy development

·       Policy development & implementation

·       Guidance on managing radical threat

·       Training police, public sector employees and other personnel engaged in delivering personal safety and security











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ISTARED© Training delivered to Transport For London and being disseminated through out the Organisation.


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UK Government estimates suggest that up to £5billion per year is being lost through housing fraud.


Fraudulently obtained tenancies and illegal subletting are therefore important areas for housing authorities and housing associations seeking to maximise their revenue, minimise losses, and reduce their housing register waiting lists.


We can provide holistic block or estate tenancy audit and possession action preparation services tailored to existing processes in housing providers’ organisations, and can provide a full process serving service and court liaison.


We are also able to follow up any unlawful activities identified during the audit process, providing dovetailed liaison with policing and relevant government agencies.







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